Our Impact

Learn how our approach can impact your growth and development as a leader or educator. 

Jeremy B., Owner

Kennedy Schultz's facilitation of the IDI assessment and follow-up for Stone Bench Consulting allowed us to better recognize our organizational readiness for more fully and successfully engaging with diverse, unique clientele. Even better, the experience allows us to plan for next steps, and act on them with clear direction. I highly recommend Kennedy!

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Nate G., President

This experience reinforced for me the importance of listening to the life experiences of others. Thanks to Kennedy’s compassionate approach and ability to guide my understanding of the way I process our many differences, I discovered avenues for inclusivity that not only acknowledged those experiences but celebrated [...] the power of the diversity of thought that it brings. It would be fair to say this growth opportunity was very meaningful!

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Gesele D., Administrator

This consultation was illuminating on many levels.  Dr. Schultz guided me through the assessment process, answering my many, many questions, with the patience and aplomb earned by those armed with authoritative knowledge and skilled in instruction.  As we engage in deeper dives into intercultural work as a society, I’m confident that this experience will inform my own experience and my understanding of others.