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What We Do


Our cultures and identities inform how we see and engage with the world around us. Learn more about how understanding cultural lenses help us to build connections with others.


Learn more about how intercultural skills can impact your team, from enhancing collaboration and teamwork to building connections to strengthen organizational culture.


Customized solutions are available for your group to ensure you meet your goals. We offer intercultural  assessments, training and workshops, and 1:1 or team coaching.

Creating communities that collaborate across cultures within

Education & Business

Licenses & Certifications

KMS Intercultural Education is certified as a Women-Owned Business Enterprise, and holds these licenses and certifications.  

Licensed Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory

Licensed Administrator of the Cultural Intelligence 360

Certified Executive Leadership and Development Coach

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Our Services



Want to learn how intercultural awareness can help your organization?



Personalized coaching allows individuals and teams to tap their growth potential.



Learn to leverage intercultural competence through our interactive and educational workshops.

Helping individuals, corporations, and organizations to navigate the journey to inclusion and cultural competence through the power of story.

Supporting Education
Art Class

We take great pride in helping individuals and organizations to build strong cultures through developing an inclusive and responsive framework that supports learning for all.

Supporting Business

We care deeply about supporting corporations in developing inclusive environments that enable a diverse workforce to thrive with a sense of purpose and belonging.

Meeting you where you are and building skills to move your organizational culture forward.

Insight | Culture | Unity

Our Founder

As an intercultural educator, learning designer, and coach, I have spent more than 20 years helping students from kindergarten to college build their capacity to embrace difference and expand their cultural perspectives. Today's complex and diverse world demands nothing less.

My early international experiences taught me that many of the things I had learned about other cultures through the media were surface stereotypes only. As an intercultural competence professional, I've worked to broaden perspectives and nurture a mindset of curiosity and inquiry in my work.


Intercultural competence skills are essential in developing the capacity to navigate cultural difference, whether we create equitable and inclusive work environments or foster collaborative teamwork in businesses. 

Kennedy Schultz, Ph.D.

Developing intercultural competence allows us to nurture and build collaboration in our community. If you want to help your team build these foundational skills through engaging personalized workshops and coaching, contact me today.

Our Impact

Learn how our approach can impact your growth and development

Jeremy B., Owner

Kennedy Schultz's facilitation of the IDI assessment and follow-up for Stone Bench Consulting allowed us to better recognize our organizational readiness for more fully and successfully engaging with diverse, unique clientele. Even better, the experience allows us to plan for next steps, and act on them with clear direction. I highly recommend Kennedy!

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Nate G., President

This experience reinforced for me the importance of listening to the life experiences of others. Thanks to Kennedy’s compassionate approach and ability to guide my understanding of the way I process our many differences, I discovered avenues for inclusivity that not only acknowledged those experiences but celebrated [...] the power of the diversity of thought that it brings. It would be fair to say this growth opportunity was very meaningful!

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Gesele D., Administrator

This consultation was illuminating on many levels.  Dr. Schultz guided me through the assessment process, answering my many, many questions, with the patience and aplomb earned by those armed with authoritative knowledge and skilled in instruction. As we engage in deeper dives into intercultural work as a society, I’m confident that this experience will inform my own experience and my understanding of others.

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